From Our Generation to the Next

The Next Generation is a volunteer organization founded to benefit The Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center. They seek to create a warm atmosphere in the hospital to bring comfort to sick children and their families during a difficult time.


The volunteers at The Next Generation work tirelessly to better the lives of the patients at The Children’s Hospital by providing them with “End of Chemotherapy” celebrations, toys at Christmas, healthy meals, and art and craft supplies. They are also determined to help the hospital by holding fundraising events and educational workshops to educate the community on issues like bike safety.


The Next Generation’s work and mission is close to our heart here at Rountree Brady, and we’d like to invite you to join us as we raise awareness and funds for them.


There are two ways to get involved: You can either donate to the Next Generation HERE, or recommend someone to our agency, and we donate $10 to the cause for every person that receives a quote from us.

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