Are New Flood Maps In Place for Savannah?

There are tons of rumors out there about whether there are new flood maps and when they will be effective.

It is true that new maps are coming to Coastal Georgia. Right now they are considered working maps, and the Department of Natural Resources for Georgia is having them reviewed by the local flood plain managers and zoning administrators.

Over the course of the next 9 months there will be a technical review period and then a public review period of these preliminary maps. I do not expect to see effective maps until sometime in late 2016, most like the fourth quarter of the year.


While there does appear to be some favorable changes overall to the maps, please remember that every property is different and while some may see positive changes, it doesn’t mean that all will. Each property should be properly reviewed and no assumption made about what the maps will look like.

Fortunately there will be some tools available online through the Department of Natural Resources where you can view those Preliminary Maps. Decisions regarding purchase or sale of homes should not be based solely on these maps as there is a possibility that they can be altered before they are made effective.

Even if the map looks favorable, a property today will still be rated based on the flood maps that are currently in place.

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