A Boy's Struggle With Sickle Cell Disease

Dareryq Robinson is a 16-year old Savannah boy who is struggling with chronic pain and Osteoporosis due to his Sickle Cell Disease. He is in such pain that he can no longer attend high school. His single mother M'Elena and baby sister provide all they can to help him.

M'Elena can only work part-time so that she can take care of Dareryq, including frequent visits to the hospital and physical therapy.

Dareryq should be in his sophomore year of high school, but due to missing classes he is now considered a freshman. Online courses are available, but the family doesn't have a computer or internet service.

Let's rally together to purchase a laptop and internet service for Dareryq. This will allow him to keep up with school and not fall further behind.

Goal Amount: $800

With donated funds we’ll coordinate the purchase of a laptop, MS Office and internet service!



Let us donate on your behalf!
For every friend you recommend to our agency, we'll donate $10 towards our goal to help Dareryq.
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CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Mickey presenting Dareryq Robinson with his new Lenovo Laptop & printer. We are very proud that we could help Dareryq with his technology needs for his schooling. 


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